Yailen Sellén

Yailen Sellén

Yailen Sellén

Yailen Sellén (Cienfuegos, *1987) graduated in Plastic Arts from the Provincial School of Art Instructors “Octavio García”, of Cienfuegos, in 2006. In 2014 she graduated in Social Communication. In the University “Carlos Rafael Rodríguez” of that city.
She has made two personal exhibitions in her hometown and has participated in more than a dozen collective shows in Cuba and Venezuela.

Her works are part of private collections in Cuba and the United States.

There is in many of Yailén Sellén’s engravings an almost childish candor, which evokes the illustrations of children’s storybooks. Some, in fact, very well that could be used for that purpose. The diafanity of the approach, the harmony of the lines, the apparent innocence of the themes consolidate a poetic that avoids, with all intent, arduous conflicts.

In her series, even in the most dramatic ones, the artist seems to celebrate the beauty of life, embodied in moments of calm and contemplation. It is notable in his engravings on affective animals. Or in religious scenes. Or in studies about birds. Nothing disturbs the calm of the moment recreated.

In other pieces, a thorough study on the plasticity of the sea and its waves is evident. But even when the waves are particularly violent, the balance of the scene is disturbed. Yailén Sellén usually introduces strangers, figures and elements that poetize, that suggest stories. The viewer could build his own story.

Pending the details, the preciousness of the “drawing”, Sellén seeks to consolidate a style that is, first of all, a sensitivity. His is a lyricism that gets empathy, that stimulates the imagination, that revives nostalgia.

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Alejandro Gómez Cangas

Alejandro Gómez Cangas (Villa Clara, 1986) graduated from the "Leopoldo Romañach" Professional Academy of Santa Clara (2005). He later studied at the University of the Arts, ISA, from which he graduated in the painting profile in 2012. He works and lives in Havana, Cuba.

He has made almost a dozen personal exhibitions in Cuba, Peru and Lebanon. He has participated in collective exhibitions in Cuba, Denmark, Italy, Panama, Germany, Switzerland and Lebanon. His works are part of private collections in Cuba, the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, Peru, Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium and Lebanon.

A crowd is not a homogeneous mass, as some politicians and economists might think. A crowd – Alejandro Gómez Cangas knows it well – is the confluence of characters, points of view, visuals, backgrounds and dissimilar aspirations, which form a more or less functional, more or less harmonious framework … depending on the call.

The spectator can discover in the works of Gómez Cangas portraits of “real” men and women, because the models that the artist recreates walk the streets, follow their routines, make their lives … The creator photographs them to insert them later, through painting , in new contexts.

Alejandro Gómez Cangas - La Promesa - Coache on Concrete - 25 x 30 cm

Alejandro Gómez Cangas – La Promesa – Coache on Concrete – 25 x 30 cm

Gómez Cangas’s series have sociological, philosophical, psychological implications … as a good part of art, obviously. But here there is an emphasis on a vision that transcends the mere aesthetic vocation: by locating his characters (and himself, sometimes, he is part of the group) in compositions of marked symbolism, which can touch the estrangement, the artist reflects on themes of pressing news: What “moves” the crowds? How do they “move”? Why do they “move”?

But Gomez Cangas, more than the group, seems to be interested in the individual in the group. That is why he insists on identity marks; in what distinguishes, rather than in what circumstantially unifies.

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ArteMorfosis Transforming

– Reopening –

Thursday, October 3, 2019, 6..8 pm

– Rämistrasse 33, 8001 Zürich –

We are moving and expanding our gallery into an art platform for Cuban art. From October onwards you will find us at Rämistrasse 33, where we will be welcoming you to our showroom with works by Manuel Mendive, Juan Roberto Diago, Choco and Adislen Reyes..

‘The only constant in the universe is change‘, this millennium-old wisdom of Heraclitus has been repeatedly confirmed and today seems particularly true for the art market. We are advancing a house number in order to present Cuban art in a more personal way: instead of exhibitions for a broad audience in the gallery, we show you selected works in the showroom; instead of six exhibitions a year, we plan one a week; we use the Internet, augmented- and virtual-reality to enable worldwide encounters with artists and art, anytime and anywhere.

On October 3, 2019, we celebrate the reopening of our showroom and are looking forward to demonstrate how we are transforming from a Cuban art gallery into a Cuban art platform.

Since August we have started with a presentation of a new Cuban artist each week on Artsy, where their work can be purchased online.

ArteMorfosis - Galería de Arte Cubano

New Location – New Concept

Save The Date: October 3rd, 6 pm

Gallerists at Gallery
4 years at Rämistrasse

ArteMorfosis is opening a new Location in October, 2019. After over four years at Rämistrasse 31 – where we have mainly shown solo- and curator- exhibitions – we are switching up gears and intensifying ArteMorfosis’ presence online and in different digital distribution channels.

With that, the requirements for our exhibition space has changed. From October onwards we will be welcoming you in our new show rooms where we have space to sit and discuss and view Cuban art in a personal setting and where we set the stage for an increased use of electronic media channels.

Instead of shop-like fixed gallery opening hours we will be scheduling meetings allowing us to prepare to cover your interests and include Cuban artists or art specialists to join the meeting by video conference.

Our new location is set to open on October 3rd, at 6 pm. Save the date and leave us your email address so we can inform you about our new set-up and invite you to the opening:

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