ArteMorfosis Transforming

– Reopening –

Thursday, October 3, 2019, 6..8 pm

– Rämistrasse 33, 8001 Zürich –

We are moving and expanding our gallery into an art platform for Cuban art. From October onwards you will find us at Rämistrasse 33, where we will be welcoming you to our showroom with works by Manuel Mendive, Juan Roberto Diago, Choco and Adislen Reyes..

‘The only constant in the universe is change‘, this millennium-old wisdom of Heraclitus has been repeatedly confirmed and today seems particularly true for the art market. We are advancing a house number in order to present Cuban art in a more personal way: instead of exhibitions for a broad audience in the gallery, we show you selected works in the showroom; instead of six exhibitions a year, we plan one a week; we use the Internet, augmented- and virtual-reality to enable worldwide encounters with artists and art, anytime and anywhere.

On October 3, 2019, we celebrate the reopening of our showroom and are looking forward to demonstrate how we are transforming from a Cuban art gallery into a Cuban art platform.

Since August we have started with a presentation of a new Cuban artist each week on Artsy, where their work can be purchased online.

ArteMorfosis - Galería de Arte Cubano

New Location – New Concept

Save The Date: October 3rd, 6 pm

Gallerists at Gallery
4 years at Rämistrasse

ArteMorfosis is opening a new Location in October, 2019. After over four years at Rämistrasse 31 – where we have mainly shown solo- and curator- exhibitions – we are switching up gears and intensifying ArteMorfosis’ presence online and in different digital distribution channels.

With that, the requirements for our exhibition space has changed. From October onwards we will be welcoming you in our new show rooms where we have space to sit and discuss and view Cuban art in a personal setting and where we set the stage for an increased use of electronic media channels.

Instead of shop-like fixed gallery opening hours we will be scheduling meetings allowing us to prepare to cover your interests and include Cuban artists or art specialists to join the meeting by video conference.

Our new location is set to open on October 3rd, at 6 pm. Save the date and leave us your email address so we can inform you about our new set-up and invite you to the opening:

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Summer Sale

Sale: 15% from August 23 through September 21, 2019

ArteMorfosis is moving to a new location in October. To clear our storage we are offering 15% discount on the works on display until September 21, 2019.

Onay Rosquet: Works from the exhibition UNBOXING

Hector Frank: from the exhibition EVERDAY UNIVERSE

Alicia Leal: From the exhibition SHARED WORLDS

Zaida Del Río: From the exhibition WELTEN ERFAHREN

And more from different artists

Detail of Installation of Adam and Eve - Installation by Duvier del Dago

Duvier del Dago in Como

During the summer vacation ArteMorfosis is showing works of Duvier del Dago as part of the Exhibition INTERFERENCE curated by Roberta Gonella and Delphine Desoutter in Como, Italy.

Duvier del Dago in Exhibition INTERFERENCE

From the press release:

“The Interference of modern technology brings up ethical and moral implications regarding the infringement of the privacy of our human sphere. Few artists have confronted this through their art. These 7 international artists were invited to invest the space of the deconsecrated church of San Pietro in Atrio, in Como and present their works in different mediums on the the interference of modern technology in our lives. Drones, facebook, apple i-phones, surveillance, wind solar power farms. Are they a welcome presence or just interfering in our life?”

The exhibition is shown in the former church San Pietro in Atrio and opens daily except Mondays.

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