Abel López

Abel López Valdéz (Havana, *1985)

López Valdés, who lives and works in Havana, studied in the Experimental School for Visual Arts “José Antonio Díaz Peláez” and continued studies at the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts where he graduated in 2004 . He is a member of the Asociación Hermanos Saíz (AHS ). Abel worked as a designer for the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba from 2008  to 2010 . He is also a video maker at REMACHE studio.

Hector Frank

Hector Frank Heredia García (Havana, *1961)

Trained engineer and self-taught artist, Heredia García has organized workshops for children and teenagers. He is a member of the Visual Artists Association of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC ). He currently lives and works in Havana.

Rosemary Rodríguez

Rosemary Rodríguez Cruz (Havana, *1984)

Rodríguez Cruz graduated from the University of Havana with a BA  in Art History in 2007  and then continued to obtain a MA  in the specialty of Conservation and Management of Cultural Heritage and Museology at the University of the Arts from 2014  to 2016 . She has been working as a specialist in Museology at the Museum-Library Servando Cabrera Moreno, and as the sub-director of the Library. Since 2014 , she has worked as curator in the transdisciplinary project Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC ).

She has taken several graduate and diploma courses on the specialty. Rodríguez was also an intern in the course “Temporary Exhibitions: A Management Model” (2012 ) and “The Board of Qualifications, Assessment, Valuing and Exporting of Cultural Historic Goods” (2010 ), organized by the Divisions for the Promotion of Fine Arts and for the Protection of Historic Heritage of the Ministry of Culture of Spain, respectively.


Vernissage – November 1, 2018, 6 pm Exhibition – November 2 through December 15, 2018 The art historian and curator Rosemary Rodríguez (* Havanna, 1984) shows in the exhibition EVERYDAY UN...